With the pass of the years, people have been discovering multiple things that are damaging others individuals or animals such as domestic pets like dogs, one of the few examples that can be dangerous for your dog’s health is the case of wine or alcohol in general, there are some few “basic” methods that claims to cure our dogs of issues in their stomach, the procedure consists of making the dog sip some alcohol or wine to make them feel better.

This has multiple points of views, a few individuals seen this as a good alternative for making our dogs feel better and the great majority has been wondering if giving wine to your dog should be considered abuse, so, to make things clear, it’s time to discover what happens is your do drinks wine for whatever reason in the world, stay tuned to learn more.


First of all, if you are someone that has given your dog a sip of wine or alcohol in the past as a way of treating some stomach issue, then you can rest your head knowing that it won’t cause any problem to your dog health status, however, this is mainly because for the extremely low quantity that it was given to your pet, let’s be honest, a small sip of alcohol is not even dangerous to most children or even teenagers, so why would dogs get affected in a dangerous way by this addictive product, right? Well… wine is not something that is on the list of favorites foods or drinks of dogs, so you need to read the rest of the article to avoid making a bad move that could put someone in danger.

Like almost everything in this harsh world, consuming things in massive quantities will just give problems to your body, and in the case of dogs and wine, the reality is not very different from that statement and is a fact that dogs are not very tolerant to products that count with an insanely large amount of calories on their compositions and since wine of bad or regular quality tends to come with that characteristic, giving it to your dogs like it’s water will not be a good idea at all, remember that it could even cause massive issues in their livers which will gradually reduce the dog’s lifespan, and no one wants to receive that news ever.


In conclusion, we discovered that a little bit of wine can’t be harmful to domestic animals like dogs, however, it shouldn’t be your main alternative of treatment for any issue, since you don’t know how your dog can react to that experience, and if it’s a small brand then the results could be worse than ever, so, take things easy, don’t rush the procedures and look carefully for good medicine or treatments that could help your dog in a less aggressive way, leave the win and alcohol to the human beings that want to celebrate holidays with you, let’s do our best to be great owners and maintain a happy relationship with dogs.

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