After 10 fantastic years on as a wonderful wonderful place to meet friends for cocktails, wine and food, Fat Angel is now a part of Wandering Dog Wine Bar.

Fat Angel was born out of a passion for The Fillmore District in California. It was a casual beer and wine bar that served comforting food and drink to the local community. They offered a handpicked, eclectic mix of wine and beer that spans the globe, focusing on regions and producers that offer exceptional value and quality.

This common passion for food, cocktails, and wine is what makes for the perfect partnership between Fat Angel and Wandering Dog Wine Bar, and we will make our utmost efforts to maintain the level of quality and creativity that the Fat Angel team once imparted upon its patrons.

Do you love food, cocktails, wine, California and dogs? Well then, it would seem you’re in the right place! Whether you’re in search for cocktail recipes, gift inspiration for dog lovers, or just a place online to reminisce in the old days in the age of a pandemic, we’re happy to welcome you to the new home of Fat Angel here at Wandering Dog Wine Bar. So fill your glass, cozy up with your favorite well-groomed pooch, and join us in saying cheers to the digital age!