A Relaxing Vacation With A Glass Of Wine And Your Dog

A weekend break can be a relaxing time for you if you add a little R & R to the mix. Relaxing with a glass of wine and your dog is one way to make your weekend trips more exciting and entertaining for you and your dog. Watching movies with your dog is another way to make your weekend trips more entertaining and relaxing. To have an R weekend, start by making your dog a good company on your road trip.

First, keep in mind that dogs are pack animals. When you take them on a weekend trip, they become your family. They need to know that you will always be there for them, and they need to know that you will be there to love them through thick and through thin. This also means that during your dog’s weekend stay with you, they need time for their own personal relaxation too.

Take your dog on a vacation. While this may sound like a lot of work, it really only takes a few minutes of effort. You can easily arrange it. Once this is arranged, have a small bag with some dog snacks or treats.

Spend some time with them. This may include walking, swimming, or playing with them inside the house. However, once you’ve had a chance to spend some time with your dogs, make sure to take them to an outdoor area where they can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. In addition to spending quality time with your dogs outside, you’ll also be doing them a big favor by giving them the extra exercise that they crave and will greatly benefit their health.

When it’s time to relax and unwind, head over to the deck or patio to sit down and enjoy some fresh air with a nice glass of wine. Once your dog has finished playing in the sand or pool, let him have a few small bites of your homemade catfish dish. You can even make a recipe for a treat that includes breadcrumbs, cheese, onions, garlic and peppermints as well as a bit of oil for a delicious treat that your dog will love. When the meal is finished, offer your dog a bowl of his or her favorite water to drink while you enjoy a nice, relaxing evening with your friends or family.

When you think it’s time to head out for the evening, head to a local restaurant that specializes in making pet beverages. Most of these establishments offer regular tasting sessions where you can try several different kinds of wine and other beverages for your special pet. During these sessions, you’ll get to sample all sorts of food items as well, such as appetizers, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. By taking your special pup out to a fun tasting event, you’ll give him a fun experience as well as an opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

It’s not often that we take the time to stop and have a conversation with our pets. However, if you and your pet are like most people, you enjoy spending time with them and share stories of your own. Spending a little time with your dog will show him or her that you are not only friendly, but that you also consider him or her a member of the family. If you spend more than a day at home, take him out to see the sights. Take him along to the local park so he can enjoy the sunshine and listen to the noises of the animals around him. The more time you spend together as a family, the closer your bond will become.

Great Wine-Themed Gifts For Dog Lovers

Choosing a gift for a wine and dog-loving relative or friend may seem like a daunting task, but the endless array of gift ideas ensure you have tons of fun choosing the right item for your loved one. Nothing in the world makes a person happier than dogs and wine. Giving a related gift this holiday season will make the year a little brighter. Plus, with so many gift ideas, you can find a gift for anyone on your gift-giving list.

Dog Bottle Opener

Every wine lover needs a durable bottle opener. Why not combine it with a cute dog and give the recipient the best of both worlds? Buddy the Border Collie corkscrew wine bottle opener is cute and cuddly, just like our favorite pets. The 4.5″ wine bottle opener has a double-hinged design for extra comfort. It is easy-to-use and one addition to the kitchen that your friend will love.

Subscribe for Gifts That Keep on Giving

BarkBox subscription makes the season a little bit merrier for your dog-loving friend. Subscribe for six or 12-months and each month, a box of goodies for pets is delivered to the recipient’s front door. Why should the fun be limited only to the holiday season? Barkbox is priced and has all the things dogs want!

A Ruff Display

Have a friend who displays their wine corks? It is a fascinating hobby for many people. Accommodate their needs with the True Fabrication Wine Cork Display this holiday season. Designed in the shape of man’s best friend, the adorable display stores up to 50 wine corks. It is constructed from solid metal material and then decorated in bronze for an elegant look in any space.

A Helpful Holder

The Playful Pup bottle holder is so cute it is irresistible! The playful pup holds one 750ml bottle without complaints about a few minutes or a few hours. It is bendable so you the pup can lie down, lie on his back, lie on his tummy, and more. It is made of durable resin materials so lasts for many years to come. Give this gift and make the wine lover in your life a happy person.

Totes and Tees

I Just Want to Drink Wine and Pet My Dogs tote bags are perfect accessories for the busy person who is always on the go. The attractively designed bags feature beautiful dog artwork and this message is written boldly across the bag. The bag is made from 95% post-consumer material. You will feel good about giving this bag.

I Just Want to Pet My Dog and Drink Wine, a fantastic t-shirt for guys and gals, comes in assorted sizes and colors and sends the exact message that every pet lover wants their friends and others to know. This affordable t-shirt is a great gift for any dog lover on your list. They’ll wear this shirt often.

Heartfelt Gifts

One great gift idea is the Pinot for Paws Gift Basket. This set includes a bottle of Pinot of your choice, a cute canvas bone, a giraffe toy, a doggy bag holder, and a tennis ball. With gifts for your special friend and their pooch, this gift warms the hearts of dog and wine lovers all season long. Plus, proceeds benefit animal adoptions! It is a pre-made gift that is easy to give to any dog-loving wine enthusiast on your shopping list.

Give a dog and owner care package this holiday season and everyone enjoys opening a gift this year. This beautifully decorated care package includes gourmet cookies for the dog and delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookies for the owner. Along similar lines, why not give your canine-crazy friend an automatic dog feeder so that they can get ahead of their responsibilities and free up more time to… Well, you know.

Want to give more than a few gourmet treats? Check out the Merry Gift Baskets gift basket. Filled to the brim with awesome gifts for pet and pet parents, this basket will light up the recipient’s’ world! Inside this cute gift basket is a Dingo Wags N’ Wraps treats, gourmet treats, a rope toy, and a squeak toy.

Warm Feet Make Happy Pets (& Owners)

The Made You Smile gift socks are great for men and women who love wines and dogs. The socks each feature different sentiments that prove the love for their pet. Best of all, this is a quality gift at an affordable price.

A Sip of Wine With a Clear Message

Dogs and Wine Make Life Better says this wine glass. It is elegantly etched and perfect for the wine enthusiast in your life. Every sip tastes a little better when it is taken from this amazing glass.

Yes, wine and dogs rule the world in the eyes of many people. Choosing a gift for this type of person is always pretty simple, especially when you choose a gift from the list above. These gifts suit the needs of a dog and wine lovers everywhere. Best of all, there are gift ideas on this list that suit the needs of everyone, regardless of their budget. Choosing the best gift from so many awesome choices is not easy, but it sure is a lot of fun. Now, browse these gifts and find the perfect choice for that special person in your life.

Excellent Canine-Themed Cocktails For Dog Lovers

Believe it or not, there are some cocktails that are named after dogs and that is just adorable. Whoever thought of that deserves a pat on the head. The Salty Chihuahua is one of the most popular drinks around and it does not take many ingredients to make it either. It only takes grapefruit juice, tequila, and salt to make it such a lovely mix. It is one of those drinks that are pretty popular when you go to house parties since it is not that hard to make as you will have all the ingredients that you need at your disposal.

Better remember that these excellent canine-themed cocktails for dog lovers are only for humans and not for dogs to consume. We all know how much their tummies would ache if they end up consuming these cocktails.

Another doggy cocktail worth your time would be the Pomeranian as it would work great if you also have a dog like that. It would work well if you have a dog like that. The ingredients are vodka and grapefruit juice plus a tablespoon of honey so it would get a little sweet. At the same time, it is going to get you a little bit drunk when you least expect it to do so. After all, the night won’t get a bit fun when that happens.

Another drink that would certainly catch the attention of dog lovers would be the Greyhound. It may be the doggy cocktail that started this craze. Be sure to bring out at the Greyhound bus when you are on your way to a far destination. Better not drink too much of it though or there may be a chance that you will miss your destination when you fall asleep on the bus. It has to be the easiest drink to make on this list as you will just need grapefruit juice combined with vodka or gin. Better choose a nice type of vodka for that satisfying taste that will stay on you for quite a few hours. Remember how strong vodka is compared to gin but both can affect you just as hard as it can.

The Great Dane is another doggy themed cocktail that is bound to get a lot of attention due to how great it looks. It contains gin, dry vermouth, and cherry brandy. Plus, there is an additional teaspoon of kirsch to get that proper kick into your body. It won’t be long before you would want another glass to go along with it. After all, it would not be fun if you would just get one glass due to how great it tastes. There is nothing wrong with giving in to the temptation when you know that it would make you happy in more ways than one.

Of course, it would be nice to pair the cocktails with finger food so it would become a pretty long night. When that happens, you will want to drink more and you won’t even remember what happened.

What Happens If Your Dog Drinks Wine?

With the pass of the years, people have been discovering multiple things that are damaging others individuals or animals such as domestic pets like dogs, one of the few examples that can be dangerous for your dog’s health is the case of wine or alcohol in general, there are some few “basic” methods that claims to cure our dogs of issues in their stomach, the procedure consists of making the dog sip some alcohol or wine to make them feel better.

This has multiple points of views, a few individuals seen this as a good alternative for making our dogs feel better and the great majority has been wondering if giving wine to your dog should be considered abuse, so, to make things clear, it’s time to discover what happens is your do drinks wine for whatever reason in the world, stay tuned to learn more.


First of all, if you are someone that has given your dog a sip of wine or alcohol in the past as a way of treating some stomach issue, then you can rest your head knowing that it won’t cause any problem to your dog health status, however, this is mainly because for the extremely low quantity that it was given to your pet, let’s be honest, a small sip of alcohol is not even dangerous to most children or even teenagers, so why would dogs get affected in a dangerous way by this addictive product, right? Well… wine is not something that is on the list of favorites foods or drinks of dogs, so you need to read the rest of the article to avoid making a bad move that could put someone in danger.

Like almost everything in this harsh world, consuming things in massive quantities will just give problems to your body, and in the case of dogs and wine, the reality is not very different from that statement and is a fact that dogs are not very tolerant to products that count with an insanely large amount of calories on their compositions and since wine of bad or regular quality tends to come with that characteristic, giving it to your dogs like it’s water will not be a good idea at all, remember that it could even cause massive issues in their livers which will gradually reduce the dog’s lifespan, and no one wants to receive that news ever.


In conclusion, we discovered that a little bit of wine can’t be harmful to domestic animals like dogs, however, it shouldn’t be your main alternative of treatment for any issue, since you don’t know how your dog can react to that experience, and if it’s a small brand then the results could be worse than ever, so, take things easy, don’t rush the procedures and look carefully for good medicine or treatments that could help your dog in a less aggressive way, leave the win and alcohol to the human beings that want to celebrate holidays with you, let’s do our best to be great owners and maintain a happy relationship with dogs.

Does Your Dog Know When You’re Drunk?

It’s 11 o’clock at night and you’ve had just a few too many while out with some friends. You manage to get an Uber and head home only to find Terry (that’s your dog) looking at you with a confused look on his face.

Huh. That’s weird. Normally Terry can’t wait to greet you at the door. Even around this time, he’s normally trying to barrel you over and get a few licks in.

You try to give him a smooch but he only backs away, yipping loudly at you as if you’re a stranger.

Wait a minute… he doesn’t actually “know” you’re drunk… does he?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when asking the question as to whether or not your dog knows when you’ve been knocking them back or getting a bit too crazy, the sad answer is “pretty much”.

“How is that possible?” you might be asking right about now and it’s certainly a fair question to ask. After all, it’s not like they know what “alcohol” or “drinking” means.

So how DO they know when you’re drunk?


We all know this. Dogs have an incredible sense of smelling that’s pretty much second to none. And while you may be able to fool your friends and family into thinking you’ve only had “a couple”, your best friend Terry is just way too perceptive for that. According to one finding, it was shown that dogs have over 300 million olfactory senses compared to the measly 60 million located in us.

That’s over 5 TIMES our sense of smell! Not only that, but the portion of a dog’s brain spent analyzing those smells is another 40 times ours.

It’s because of this incredibly sensitive amount of smell that dogs are so often used by the military and police for finding trace scents of different illegal materials such as weapons, narcotics, or even explosives.

So… yeah. They know when you’ve had a few too many.


When you walk, when you talk, how you stand, the crook of your neck, all of these things speak to your innate body language and overall body position. It’s why you walk differently than your siblings and why your friend “talks with their hands”. All of these things are subtle, subconscious bodily movements you make without even being aware of it.

You have to realize that every physical movement you make, be it how you breathe or what you say and how you say it, is all just electrical signals from your brain to various parts of your body. When you drink, those signals become delayed and disjointed. Not only that but both your medulla as well as your cerebellum (two aspects of the brain that control physical movement) are both directly impacted and impaired by drinking, making you more likely to stumble around or feel sleepy.

And just like with their sense of smell, dogs can know immediately when something is off with our altered body posture or position. In fact, from their point of view, you can appear as if you’ve been injured.


So, while dogs may not know THAT you are specifically drunk, based on your smell and gait, they can definitely tell WHEN you’ve been knocking them back.

So if you don’t want your little bud stressing out that something is wrong, maybe cut in a bit earlier next time you’re out.